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Socialism And Google, Home Depot And Youtube ~ Good Or Bad? ~~~Nancy

Socialism And The Workplace

MyWorld View Of Socialism In The U.S. Workplace ~~~Nancy

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My view of things! ~~~Nancy Gurish
Socialist Trend In The U.S. Workplace

I'm born and raised in the U.S. and what I know about this comes only from my own life experience.

I have been experiencing aspects of socialism in my own work place in America in recent years.

The large companies I've worked with and for, are the Home Depot (2004-2008) and currently with Google and their product / company Youtube.

Socialism, in its many philosophical and social scientific manifestations, is grounded in the idea that the best of all possible human societies is one based on cooperation and nurturing, rather than competition and greed..."
- Mount Holy Oak College

I see the socialist bent because I've worked for capitalist companies and ventures for a very long time. Anyone born before certain years - I'm not certain of exact years - possibly before 1970 - would have similar experiences to mine.

In the 1970's - toward the late 1970's the U.S. changed dramatically. At least in my neck of the woods. Jobs began to be very difficult to obtain. Something was going on.

Little did I know what was to come.

I wouldn't have believed it if I were not experiencing it for myself.

What I see is that these companies make attempts at and endeavor to help all employees at the expense of, and on the backs of - the individual.

If I'm not mistaken - that is socialism.

One very odd thing about this is that - I'm torn.

"Capitalism has been the dominant economic system in the Western world for, give or take, 400 years. And in that virtual eye blink in the grander scheme of things it has produced more wealth than all the prior economic systems put together." ... to this article ... - Igor Greenwald, Contributor ~ Forbes Magazine

What I'm very torn about is that some parts of it are seeming to make sense to me~

There are a few things that concern me however, where will it stop?

Will lines be drawn? If so, by whom?

And what if the greater good goes against me personally?

What if the greater good touches on religion - my religion?

Was capitalism ~ when exercised with generosity, loyalty and humanity ~ was it so wrong that it couldn't continue on a large scale?

Was it that too many - abused it?

My information comes strictly from my own experiences - I don't have a large world-view perspective on this. However I am certain that every individual has a right to at least the last time I checked we have the freedom to speak about our feelings and thoughts.

I intend to write further about the details of this in the future.


Today I work for myself at A Julialanan Production LLC

If I had to classify myself I'd say that I am a capitalist with a humanitarian bent!

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