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Diatomaceous Earth Killed The Deer Tick! ~~~Nancy

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This deer tick died while under the skin!
This is how the story went ... continued below ...

Deer Tick And Diatomaceous Earth!

On Another Note: "... I saw that this could and did happen ...
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Deer ticks and bedroom linen treated with diatomaceous earth!

It's a good thing! ~~~Nancy

We could not have planned this to go this way~

I treated the whole bed with diatomaceous earth ...
I treated it a little bit more for the video ... continued ...

This deer tick didn't stand a chance!

Hi! This deer tick and I have a story!

In 2014 I filmed a video about diatomaceous earth for my household bedding. In the video I was talking about preventing and avoiding parasites and things that could grow from dust in and around the bedroom areas.

To film this video you will see that I sprinkle some diatomaceous earth (food grade D.E.) on one particular side of my bed. I had given it a good dusting before the video and some more of the d.e. is applied to that side of the bedding during the video.

Deer Tick

Red Deer Tick Image by: Nancy Gurish

This was my husband's side of the bed. At that very time he was on a trip to Southern Ohio and was due home the next evening. I had no idea what was going to happen in this scenereo.

What happened was that two mornings after he returned home, he felt something irritating his left calf on his leg. After sitting up from bed he reached down to his left calf and felt something under his skin.

He picked at it and was able to extract this deer tick from under his skin!

He had not had any idea that it was in his skin. He only found it by the irritation it caused that morning.

The interesting aspect of this is that the deer tick was dead, under the skin and dead as a door knob!

I've got some friends in a southern state who are hunters and who understand deer ticks. I texted one of my friends, he is a seasoned hunter and asked, if a deer tick was on my husbands leg from a trip into the woods - would the deer tick be alive or dead?

One word came back in reply.


There was no reason this deer tick should have been dead and under my husbands skin. It should have been alive and sucking blood! It was the diatomaceous earth that was on the bedding that killed this tick in it's tracks. And I got this picture of it!

Here is a diatomaceous earth that I would buy! ~~~Nancy

Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade 10 Lb

To my video (My video will be to come! ... interesting situation, isn't it? ~~~Nancy

We couldn't have planned it if we had tried! ~~~Nancy

My husband wasn't hunting but he walked into some pretty deep woods in Southern Ohio near the Kentucky border. This looks like a red tick.

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