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Sleeping by your laptop or phone! ~~~Nancy

"This is not a good idea!
Note to self: Don't do this again! ... continued below ...

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Slept Near My Laptop!

"... I saw that this could and did happen ...
Is it true that cell phone towers ping your laptop and phone through the day and night?

It's not a good idea to sleep by your laptop or phone.

Cell phone towers ping through the night!

Not too long ago I saw how the light from a cell phone could activate the wind up mechanism on a music box~

And I slept with my laptop right next to my bed - with the light pointing at my brain!
Note to myself: I will not do this again!... continued ...

I slept with my laptop next to my brain! Not a good idea!

Last night I actually slept with my laptop on my night side stand! Of all the things!

Not long ago I saw with my own eyes, what can happen! And I did it anyway~

What I saw was a smartphone - next to a music box lying on an end table in my living room. The blue light from the cell phone was pointing at a Santa Claus figurine, which was a music box.

It was daytime and as I sat in a chair nearby I heard the music box begin to play. It is one of those wind up gizmos on the bottom of the figurine - a ceramic one.

The music began to play - just a few notes.

It got my attention.

Within a short time frame, a matter of two minutes, that music box sounded three times. Just a couple of notes... then it stopped. Then a couple of notes, and it stopped.

It did this three or four times, and the blue light was pointing directly at the base of this Santa. The 'wind up' doo-hicky was at the base underneath of this Santa.

You hear about these things happening, but to actually see it with your own eyes~ What I believed to be happening was the cell phone towers were pinging the cell phone and each time it sent a 'shot' to the wind up mechanism.

And, last night I slept with that blue light (or orange) from the laptop - pointed toward my head.

How bright is that? Not too bright in my opinion! ~~~Nancy

Note to self - 'I won't do that again'. I'll put it on the floor or the dresser across the room - pointing away from me! And and away from any other bedroom nearby!

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