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Argyria Will Not Happen! ~~~Nancy

"I know that you will not get argyria,
because I did it for you! ... continued below ...

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It takes work!

"... I know how to get argyria, you have to really work at it
to have it actually happen!

Argyria does not just happen, in fact it

doesn't happen!

it is extremely rare!"... continued ...

You Are NOT Going To Get Argyria!

I Did It For You!

To my video on my case of argyria! ~~~Nancy

You will NOT, I repeat - not get argyria from taking colloidal silver!

This I am certain of because I have used colloidal silver on an almost daily basis since 2006 and I know what it does and does not do. This is March of 2016!

My name is ~~~Nancy Gurish and the reason that I'm even on the internet is because of my use of colloidal silver.

"An American woman whose skin turned silver after using nose drops

is warning people of the dangers of medicines containing the metal.

(See '~~~Nancy's note below)

Rosemary Jacobs, 71, has lived with the irreversible skin condition argyria for 60 years and it has blighted her life." ... taken from ...

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Nancy's note: this article states that Rosemary Jacobs got this condition because of metals in the nose drops that her doctor prescribed. It wasn't from taking colloidal silver. It was a prescription medicine.

In 2006 I bought my first bottle of colloidal silver from a nutrition center not far from my home. The first benefit I received from using colloidal silver (c.s.) is that I had relief from arthritis pain.

There was a definite absence of pain in my left elbow which had been bothering me at the time!

The next place that I felt help was in both of my knees,

I was diagnosed with chondromalacia patellae in my mid 20's and had suffered with varying degrees of pain all of my life.

In my later 30's and into my 40's I began to purchase shoe inserts ~ (see my video story) to help me with knee pain. In addition to my desk job I had some jobs that required standing.

Shoe inserts did help with the pain in my knees but nothing took the pain away. Until I used colloidal silver and then I felt relief from the pain in my knees. My left knee is the worst one. The cartilage is worn down more in that knee.

I have used colloidal silver every day and until ... to be continued ...

I'll be back with more! ~~~Nancy

"When people discovered they could cure the vast majority of their own infections - quickly, safely and effectively - with a few dollar's worth of colloidal silver, word began to spread rapidly among the American public. The giant pharmaceutical companies quickly realized they would soon be losing tens of millions of dollars annually in sales of their expensive prescription antibiotic drugs if they didn’t do something about it…" ... read more...

"So what I saw my father do that day filled me with something I'd never felt for him before:

pride. ..."
by Rik Mikals ... to this page ...

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