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Update! My friend is doing great! Attitude is large part of it! She's grateful for one, that she is 'above ground'! Wow! And - she says that she has never been better! She's up to walking with a walker. She had graduated from a wheelchair. She spent about 4 months in that wheelchair. She's in rehab and doing great on her walker. What an example! ~~~Nancy

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Wow! Lives can and do change in an instant. A few moments ago I began to write about something - not this article; when suddenly I got word that a friend had been in a horrible car accident.

It is a woman friend of mine. Her car was 't-boned' - meaning that another car had rammed through the middle of her vehicle - from the side. Man, that news hit me fast and hard.
Immediately I picked up the phone to call this woman's closest friend and I found out in a few moments that although it was very bad, it looks as if this friend of mine will be okay.

She will have surgery tomorrow, which is the third day after this accident - but, she had an appetite this afternoon and and can speak, and is completely coherent. She is slowly finding out how severe her condition really is.
Our mutual friend told me that the friend's ribs are broken and her pelvis is fractured as well as a broken arm. But as my friend put it, her face is fine! Whew! If anything in the world could be good about this, that is certainly good news.

Things must hurt enough - but to have a person's face spared, just doesn't add insult to injury. She is a relatively younger woman. I don't know if age matters however.

A coincidence in this story is that yesterday when this happened, I chose to attend a mass at a different church than I normally go to.

During the mass the Deacon, when asking for prayers, included his request for prayers for two persons who were badly injured in a car accident that he had witnessed, just before the mass.

That accident was my friend's accident. What I see in this was that the two people, my friend and the person who hit her car, received a church-full of prayers very shortly after the crash.

Now, for the other person -

he is in the same trauma center with a severe brain injury. I have no details on how the accident occurred, I didn't ask that. I will pray for this person as well as for my friend.
I would like to ask anyone who is reading this to also say a prayer for them.

I pray for everyone who comes to my video channel and my website pages, so you are in my prayers.

God Bless you and your family!


"He was going about his day as he did every day, visiting with his girlfriend, readying himself for his daily work, everything was normal. Out of nowhere, he began to slur as he was speaking with his girlfriend - she asked him what was wrong, and he could not answer.

"I was trying to talk to her," Zach recalled, "and the words that were coming out of my mouth were not the ones I was trying to say." ... to read more ...

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