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Things My Father Taught Me! ~~~Nancy

Things My Father Taught Me!

"... was to move big piles of bricks from one end of the courtyard to the other. After he was done, he was ordered to move them back again...
At the end of the day, he felt his back was going to kill him. Yet he kept his chin up.." - Helen Raleigh

Do any of you remember how you learned to walk? Probably not. We were simply too young to remember it. I don't remember learning to walk either.

Yet I have a vivid memory of watching my father learning to walk in 1977.

It started as a good year for my father. China's Cultural Revolution was ended. My father was released from a labor camp. During the Cultural Revolution, many Chinese intellectual and business people suffered persecution and many were put to death without trial. My father simply voiced his concern about this kind of brutality. He was accused of being anti-revolution.

Shortly after I was born, he was sent to the labor camp to get "reeducated". He never had the chance to watch me learn how to walk.
Years later, my father told me that one of the cruel punishments he received ... continued ...

The Greatest Lesson My Father Ever Taught Me

"I did learn one thing from my father: character matters."

by Rik Mikals

"As I stated earlier, my grandparents had money. So what I saw my father do that day filled me with something I'd never felt for him before:

In the corner funeral hall, I could hear my aunts talking with disgust.
My aunts - like my grandparents - had a lot success ...

in their careers and had married well. I couldn't believe my ears as I heard them berate my grandfather.

He'd left all of his money to his second wife, their stepmother.

Hearing them bicker, my father - the one with no money and the one who was continually berated for not being successful

- got up from his chair.

He walked over to his sisters and their husbands, ....
...He gave a nod and said

"See those two fishing poles in the corner?

Those are mine."

He walked over to the poles grabbed them, and walked out of the reception,...

... He could've easily been bitter about the money he didn't receive, but instead it was the moments he'd shared with his dad that seemed to matter the most." ...

And in the end, he shared something with me, ..."... continue to this article ...

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