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Hi everybody!

This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!

Family Pets!

We've had several family pets in my home throughout
the years! Clyde the cat was one of them! Nikki Belle
was our Chow-Chow! And Sara P was our big forever
puppy! I'll put some pictures of them here one day!
I will give each of them their own page!

Family pets become family members! Definately
this has been the case in my home. And in my heart!

Sara co-starred with me on YouTube! (see below She made
a few videos with me! One thing we did together was sing!
Sara was a marvelous singer! A natural!

... continue below ...

... continue ...

I miss my Sara so much! She left us back in 2015. Each of our
pets had their own special qualities!
Dogs and cats have personalities like people do! Unique!

Today we are blessed to have Patty and Sally
in our lives! They came to live with us just over one
year ago! They are becoming have become part of
the family! Patty and Sally's journey in life has been
rough, but today they are safe and loved in my home!

See Sara's video here or on YouTube!

P.S. Clyde was a challenge! I'll write about him one day!

Clyde was a feline! A crafty guy!

Peace *Buttercups!

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An article for you!

"When it comes to what pets are in these households, dogs come out on top with 71% of pet owners saying they have at least one dog; half (49%) have cats, while one in ten have fish (11%) and less than one in ten pet owners have a bird (8%) or some other type of pet (9%)...."

P.S. One thing I did with all of our pets is to
give them colloidal silver in their water! I'll write
about that one day! I have used it as eye drops for
them too! It's good prevention!
Here is a choice of colloidal silver for you!

This is a good silver, it comes with a dropper! ~~~Nancy

Soverign Silver! With a Dropper!
P.S. All silver is the same, if it's from a good company!

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This helps me to keep writing and making YouTube videos! ~~~Nancy