My First Week On YouTube!

~~~Nancy Gurish


What I Learned And Shared! ~~~Nancy

My First 8 Videos!

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Hi everyone!
This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!

Below is a listing of 8 videos! These 8 videos
are taken from my first season on YouTube which
was way back in 2012!

Time marches forward! Huh?

Down below on this page are some special notes I'm sharing
about this phase of my development in life
and my development in staying healthy through natural means!

Which is what I talk about all the time on YouTube!

You can tap on any of the titles to view them!

Peace Buttercups!

My First Week On YouTube! ~~~Nancy

1) Colloidal Silver Is Great For Me For Eye Strain!

2) Testing Acid Alkaline pH Balance ~ Saliva Test!

3) Your Health And Tech Friend

Here (just below) is a video describing the most valuable
tool I have for testing for cancer! ~~~Nancy

On another note: To my VLOG Video Listing!

4) Colloidal Silver Benefits, Arthritis Etc.

5) Leaky Gut Syndrome

6) Part 1 of 3 Cancer Some 'New News'!

7) Part 2 of 3 Cancer Some 'New News'!

8) Part 3 of 3 Cancer Some 'New News'!

During this period of my life I learned some major lessons!
I began to understand that cancer was not a mystery!

Knowledge about cancer was common place a long time ago.

In this section of my videos I share my greatest tool
for testing for cancer, my saliva pH!

I still test my saliva about every few months.
Also during this time, I posted one of my most popular videos!

The Colloidal Silver Benefits video. In this video
I am sharing from my heart.
My experience and knowledge about colloidal silver!

And as for 'Leaky Gut' - I learned that all disease
begins in the gut! And can be prevented there!

Peace Buttercups!

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Hi! Lots of illness and disease can be avoided and some, reversed out with the right type of Health Solution! When I find answers ~ I'll let you know! ~~~Nancy Gurish/

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My use and experience! ~~~Nancy