my cholesterol levels are in a healthy condition through the use of supplements

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How I Straightened Out My Cholesterol Levels Naturally

The results of my lipid panel: a fasting blood test, for my cholesterol levels, after seven months of taking olive oil and other oil supplements, has turned out very well. My video and a few words about how I achieved this are below on this page. Nancy Koncilja Gurish Your Health And Tech Friend,Editor

Hello! This is a photograph of me 'showing off' my olive oil in water beverage while taping a video for my web magazine, Your Health And Tech Firend. My cholesterol numbers were great this time around. For the past seven months, on a most consistent basis, I've used olive oil in a glasss of water, about two times a day. The olive oil provides more High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) into your bloodstream. That is my opinion, and actually, now it is my experience. Remember please, I am a licensed cosmetologist, not a medical practitioner.

See video below...

nancy koncilja gurish and olive oil water

I'm interested in preventing disease and reversing 'symptoms' of disease, through natural products. During the past seven months I have also used a variety of vitamin supplements along with the olive oil. I can list a few here: vitamins A and D; vitamin C; Omega 3,6,9; (flax seed oil, for women); I added the B vatimins in within the last two weeks; wild salmon oil capsules. There are a couple more, so I will update this later. But, I can now say that, changing your cholesteral numbers - for the better - is very achievable, through the use of quality, complete vitamins. What you need is the right combination for you. I found out what works for me, and soon, I'll get a list together and post it on this page. If you have a medical condition, you should see a medical providor.

As the editor of Your Health And Food Friend Magazine I am searching for methods and sources of products that will help to prevent disease, and 'reverse' some symptoms of diseases that are diagnosed. My goal is to provide this help for my family, myself and to share it with you as well. We can learn together, and stay healthy together, naturally! Nancy