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A Website Or Blog? Making Money Online! ~~~Nancy
Affiliate Marketing!.
Hi everybody! This is ~~~Nancy!

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Whether your are just starting or you have been building a website or blog - there is nonstop learning!

I've learned so much from Lisa Irby of 2 Create A Website!
Lisa's main business is teaching people how to build a website or blog, however she is a successful affiliate marketer!

You can see one of her videos (below)!

This video (below) is about building a profitable website or blog!
She's got a whole lot of video and podcast help!

Note: My video will be back up shortly!

I've spotlighted Lisa in my Who's Who video series!
Taken from my 'Who's Who' department at YHTF!


See Lisa's other niche website, "Napturally Curly Hair"!

You will find that it is okay to have more than
one passion - when you work on the internet!


P.S. I'm beginning to spread my wings
as an affiliate marketer myself!

ShareASale is one tool I am learning to use!

Join, Earn Cash!

What is affiliate marketing?

Listen To the Audio (just below!) or see this video on YouTube!

I'm 'detoxed' from Facebook!

Facebook is a False Reality! ~~~Nancy (See The Video).

Audio from on YouTube!


... to the video ...