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Affiliate Marketing!.

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Hi! this is ~~~Nancy
from YouTube! and Your Health And Tech Friend!

Whether your are just starting or you have been
building a website or blog - there is nonstop learning!

I've learned so much from
Lisa Irby of 2 Create A Website!

Lisa's main business is
teaching people how to build a website or blog,
however she is a successful affiliate marketer!

You can see one of her videos (below) or on YouTube.

This video (below) is about building a profitable website or blog!
She's got a whole lot of video and podcast help!

I've spotlighted Lisa in my Who's Who video series!
Taken from my 'Who's Who' department at YHTF!

Check it out here! ~~~Nancy

See Lisa's other niche website, "Napturally Curly Hair"!

You will find that it is okay to have more than
one passion - when you work on the internet!


P.S. I'm beginning to spread my wings
as an affiliate marketer myself!

ShareASale is one tool I am learning to use!

Join, Earn Cash!

What is affiliate marketing?

Listen To the Audio (just below!) or see this video on YouTube!

I'm 'detoxed' from Facebook!

Facebook is a False Reality! ~~~Nancy (See The Video).

Audio from on YouTube!


... to the video ...