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"If you aren't satisfied with your position in life, start with a small prayer. Ask God, as you understand God, to direct your thinking... to, 'lead you.' You may not have anything to lose? I'll give you my word - that it works."

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Which direction might have been the, right direction for you to take in life?

Could it have been one of the very first career choices you thought about when you were quite young? The career I've found myself, put myself into today, is one that had a foundation in the choice of one of the first classes that I took in my first year out of high school: Computer Programming 101. I took that class in 1975, my first year after high school. I signed up for a beginning Basic Language course in Computer Programming. Today as a website publisher of an internet magazine Your Health And Tech Friend I am reaping the benefits of that class, which I did get an A in, I might add. And then, the second semester I registered for the second class in programming: but, life took another turn for me. I went on a path of wrong choices and


all bets were off for 15 years, and my goals went to the wayside. I dropped out in the middle of the second year ... ... you can see my video description of this part of my life ... It wasn't pretty.

Today, after twenty-four years in recovery from alcoholism, and a year in to recovery from food addiction, I am blossoming in a career path that I feel that I was meant to be doing. I am writing documents for two internet magazines, a third is in the works. The programming language(s) are 'learn-able' --- why would there be any reason that I could learn these skills? My only education - after that second 'half semester' at a Community College, (and some sporatic classes, in the arts) was a Cosmetology class. So Cosmetology is the only business in which I have legitimate training. This programming thing, this 'internet thing' is where my heart lies, and it's where my brain can grab-a-hold of things... go figure! I've been a 'computer geek' since 2006 when we bought our first computer. In 2005 I started to tear apart, physically and internally some used computers, given to us by some very kind, generous friends. I just dove into them.

As an example, the paragraph below... why would I have the ability to grasp what that paragraph says? There is no logical reason on this earth why I, at 57 years old, and with the education I've had, should be able to understand that, or even have the desire to really grasp it's meaning - let alone to apply it. There is a reason I know of, it is my God. God has a plan for each of us.

No on is exempt from this plan.

CGI scripts that do not require SSI might have a more common type of tag. For instance, a script to take on-line polls may use a link to execute the script. In this case the tag would be something like..."
"... In addition to a tag, the information near the top of the script file or readme file should also contain instructions for you on what values to use to CHMOD the files (i.e. set the permissions), as well as setting any user-settable options the script may offer.
The very first line of any Perl script is a user-settable option and is always going to be the path to your host's Perl installation, preceded by the characters.... This line is commonly referred to as the "shebang". Typical shebangs can be:
Note that Perl 4 scripts will work with a path to a Perl 5 installation but the reverse may not be true. If you're having problems getting a script to work with the first one, try the second. Note also that this shebang line may not be necessary with Windows servers.
If you haven't yet done so, now would be a good time to snoop around your host's or ISP's Website Technical Support pages and FAQs looking for anything related to "CGI". There you may find not only the path to their Perl installation (and possibly the version of Perl they have installed), but to their e-mail programs and other paths as well. If you can't verify this information, just leave it at the default value, but verify it with your host or ISP if you run into problems trying to use the script.

The above text was taken from :...

The Website of Keith Parkanski

This is a quote from Keith's site: "...

problems with installing or configuring Linux or Solaris, or writing your own CGI scripts. Problems provide you with golden opportunities to really learn how things work. Analyze, investigate, research, experiment, LEARN. (Questions regarding the Bestdam Logger script or the Apollo 11 Mission screensaver

are welcome.)"

I highlighted the portion above, describing what Mr. Parkanski does in his business. Today, as example I found myself at his site seeking help to set up, create, and to just understand more about a 'CGI Bin' or file, in order to begin using mine for my website which I host at GoDaddy Website Building Company.

As a 'website operator' as I call myself, today I realized more than before that the career goal that a person has, at the beginning of their life (somewhere in their beginnings) may be, as I've heard said, what

you are intended to become

. The reason I realize this more at this moment, than before is that one of the first classes I took immediately following high school, at a local community college, was Computer Programming. It was in the first course that I learned a programming language called 'Basic.' Today, I still remember the concepts and the foundation of the Basic programming language. The second semester I took some Cobol classes, but dropped the course before finishing. Maybe I finished one semester and dropped in the middle of the second Cobol. I don't remember.

At this writing I am 57 years old, and have found myself at this man's site, one of many I go to today, to learn the coding (HTML) and others that I need to develop and expand the website(s) that I began in October of 2010. This is April of 2013 and my websites are well under way, published and earning Google AdSense.

At Keith Parkanski's site, as well as the other sites I've been to this morning, I can recognized some of the language, or the reasoning and purpose of some of the 'script' languages, because of that programming class(s) I took in 1974/75. That is,

to me

a very good reason to ... see why we may lean toward 'becoming what we first wanted to be.' I chose Computer Programming as a course in my first semester of college, and hadn't had any computer experience in high school. None! No one had a personal computer at that time - it didn't exist, and I had no family members who worked with computers. A nursing career might have seemed in order for me, as my mom was a Registered Nurse. So, why did I choose computer programming? I believe if something is 'in your genes', it just is.

Computer programming, learning HTML and other languages is something that my brain can 'wrap itself around.' To me it is somewhat like math, I don't get it immediately, but if I keep at it, I get it.

So, I'll keep at it. What to call this page? I'm not certain. I'll set up the header section, and when I'm writing a meta description, the right words will come to me then.

As I said above, and it is my repeated theme,

trust in God. I pray, every day.

I've prayed daily now, for 24 years. As an alcoholic in recovery, in a program where spirituality is stressed as a means of obtaining and keeping sobriety and a good life, a day at a time, I've learned the practice of a prayer life. For 24 years, it has not let me down: God has not let me down. And this work today is an example of just one result of my prayers. I ask for direction, on a daily basis. I strive to pray, trust God, and let things go that I cannot handle, and

the answers come

. As long as I stick to looking at my side of the street, staying out of other people's business, and look forward, looking to the good, the positive.

If you aren't satisfied with your position in life, start with a small prayer. Ask God, as you understand God, to direct your thinking... to, 'lead you.' You may not have anything to lose? I'll give you my word - that it works. It may take time, but it works.

Thank you, Nancy Koncilja Gurish
Your Health And Tech Friend

Every living thing depends on color to exist ...

Accepting others... ourselves, and our circumstances, just as they are ... ~~~Nancy

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What is the Lending I.D. of Fifth Third Mortgage? - Ohio - for Tax Purposes - 2014

Every living thing depends on color to exist ...

Accepting others... ourselves, and our circumstances, just as they are ... ~~~Nancy

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What is the Lending I.D. of Fifth Third Mortgage? - Ohio - for Tax Purposes - 2014

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