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Margaret's Story

'Eyes On The Prize'! ~~~Nancy

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Margaret's Story

'Eyes On The Prize'

Your Health And Tech Friend

by Nancy Koncilja Gurish

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A Story on Video

Margaret's Story - Eyes On The Prize

Hi! This is Nancy: Margaret was an 87 year old woman

at the time that she had this video presented. Margaret wished to have her
story written down so that other's might benefit from her experience. /center>
She survived - truly survived four (4) primary cancers. Margaret's family has established
an organization called 'Eye's On The Prize'. She was a 42 year cancer survivor;
having surgery - primarily, (and radiation at one time), for her cancers.
What a wonderful woman - and a fine example of a human being!
Thank you Margaret and thank you to her family!

P.S. She didn't tell anyone about her cancers, she said that the secrecy
was almost as difficult as the cancer. This is a great thing for me -
because I am not speaking to my friends about my cancer; only to my immediate family.
So, right off; Margaret's story is helping me.

If she could do it, then I can too.

Thank you Margaret! ~~~Nancy Gurish