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A Small Amount Of Makeup Makes A Difference!

Hi everybody!

This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!

Wearing a small amount of makeup each day has
become a habit for me! When I was growing up in
the 1970's, it wasn't in to wear makeup!

In my 20's I did wear mascara for my eyelashes! In my
30's and 40's I added in some black eyeliner! But in
my 50's I came alive! That was when I added in


to my routine! And I love it!

See some makeup that I buy!

Better Homes And Gardens Makeup Tips for +50 Women!

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A little bit of eye makeup makes our eyes pop!
Lipstick makes a person feel more alive!

I think it's a good thing!
Doing things to take care of yourself is important!

Peace Buttercups!

P.S. So many years I didn't take care of myself!