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"In my life I'd seem a psychologist here and there, for the many difficulties that came to me in my journey of living. Drinking too much... and, just not being able to accomplish anything was my day to day existence.

Nothing I made an attempt at would succeed.

My best efforts, my deepest desires could never come to fruition. Alcohol was my other 'friend' and companion, however alcohol eventually took first place." ~~~Nancy


When awareness comes to me, first thing in the morning is when the most creative ideas hit my brain. When I was younger I was a pretty good writer. As I've aged my writing skills have gone, but not because of age - there is a story behind it. For today I'll keep my writing simple. I believe in my heart, and in my head that as I write my skills at writing, will come back to me.

It is morning, I've had three sips of coffee and my computer has just 'woken up' - I'm writing this text on one of my computer software's 'notepad programs.' What I've attempted today is to put into writing what has come into my head first thing on awakening. It is within a couple of split seconds of 'morning reality' that ideas literally flood into my brain. Today is the first day that I am

'answering' that call - 'putting pen to paper'

so to speak. I truly desire to have my writing skills back.

Writing was one of my best friends in my early life.

Writing remained with me for the first two decades of my life - writing helped me to express my feelings, writing my thoughts out was very helpful to me. It helped me to cope when my life was falling apart.

In my life I'd seen a psychologist here and there, for the many difficulties that came to me in my journey of living. Drinking too much... and, just not being able to accomplish anything was my day to day reality.

Nothing I made an attempt at would succeed.

My best efforts, my deepest desires could never come to fruition.

Alcohol was my other 'friend' and companion, however alcohol eventually took first place.

Alcoholism was the root of my problem but

I would not admit that for many, many years.

After many years, when I was

in my 32nd year, I said to myself, 'it has to go' - the booze.

I knew, it had to go. Truth was finally mine, in that one moment in my life, and for that one aspect of my life.

Tyler's Light - Philosophy


Through community engagement, awareness, education and support; to become a resource for the people of Pickerington and Fairfield County, Ohio in order to prevent drug addiction. Drugs are in our community in places we least expect them.

Drug education and awareness for students, families, & communities.


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Getting sober for me was an eleven day process. My way of getting help was a 12 step program. It was on the 12th day of my presence, and attendance in the 'rooms' of the meetings of a certain fellowship, that I was able to 'not drink' - that 12th day was my first day sober in many, many years. That was February 22, 1989. That was my first day of real freedom.
The date today is August 22, 2013 - this is my 24th year sober - and my

life is a 360 degree turn from where it was back in 1989.


have a life today. And, for today I am beginning to get my writing skills back. One thing I have learned in my sobriety - from the fellowship I belong to is that, we sober individuals - working 12 step programs - we don't get our - 'old life back', we - actually begin our lives - get

good lives

. And our lives are real and productive. So, with that in mind, my writing might not be what it was, instead it may be what it

was meant to be.

For that, as well as much, much more, I am very grateful.

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Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for

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My family has had a great deal of success in helping ourselves to stay healthy, such as in preventing colds and flu, for five years now. I haven’t had a cold sore develop in five years. This is due to the information we have found on-line. Our lives are greatly enhanced, and have not been interrupted, by illness. I haven’t purchased a cough, cold or flu medicine in 5 years.
Chronic diseases – such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, and arthritis – are among the most common, costly, and preventable of all health problems in the U.S.

Chronic Diseases are the Leading Causes of Death and Disability in the U.S.

Finding The Career You Were Meant To Do - Which direction might have been the, right direction for you to take in life? Could it have been one of the very first career choices you thought about when you were quite young? The career I've found myself, put myself into today, is one that had a foundation in the choise of one of the first classes I took in my first year out of highschool: Computer Programming 101. I took that class in 1975, my first year after high school. I signed up for a beginning Basic Language course in Computer Programming. Today as a website publisher of an internet magazine I am reaping the benefits of that class, which I did get an A in, I might add. Then, the second semester I registered for the second class in programming: but, life took another turn for me. I went on a path of wrong choices and


all bets were off, and my goals went to the wayside. I dropped out in the middle of the second year ...... to this story ...


"There are as many different possible warning signs, as there are different types of cancers; here are some possible symptoms; this is by no means, a complete listing of symptoms. Consult your physician anytime you experience any unusual symptoms.




Natural Hair Color Product - Henna Hair, My Video Demonstration

I hope that you enjoy this video and that my description and demonstration of this product is useful to you. I received great results, with no toxins added to my system from synthetic hair color! I'm very happy with the product and with the results! Nancy


This has not been easy for me to wrap my mind around.  I for one, believed that when I purchased soy-based formula for my baby, I believed I was doing something good.  What was really happening because of that?  Not good I found out later.

When my child was a baby I made her baby food... cooked it from 'real' food and blended it in a food processor.  'Thought I was doing a good job, but did the food I purchased have nutrition... not that I know of now.  Today I know that our soil has been depleted of minerals for a very long time.

Minerals... where were the minerals?  I didn't know.  You don't know what you don't know - as we say today.

Now I know differently.  Now I have made some of those changes in our home, dietary changes.  Beginning with where my food comes from.  Being aware there are differences in food.

Cost?  I've found that organic food is not 'expensive' as we've thought.  Fake 'organic' food from most large grocery stores is very expensive.  But, when you find a grocery store such as Whole Foods or even Trader Joes, you can at least begin to find food with some mineral content...  and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg.    I shop at either Whole Foods or Trader Joes; traditional grocery stores will sell 'organic' food: I don't know what it actually is, and they charge top dollar for it. 

What I have come to know is that the smaller amount I spend on this food,

will save me big on co-pays,

for one thing.  In the longer run, my family and I may not have to spend large quantities of cash on an illness; not on prescription drugs, not to begin to mention the large quantity of suffering or =

pain from illness

.  Loss of time on illness.  Loss of quality of life on illness.  Those are large payments to make.



Every living thing depends on color to exist ...


Accepting others... ourselves, and our circumstances, just as they are ... ~~~Nancy


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