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'Pedestrian Bridge' Crash - Cleveland, Ohio Route I-90

Raised Truck Bed Hit's Bridge Overpass

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Images (NOTE: More Pictures To Come By Wednesday Evening 03/13/13!)

by Nancy Koncilja Gurish

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Hi! The images on this page were taken by me on Sunday, March 10, 2013 between 3:00 - 5:30 p.m. Images with the ~10-12 foot red 'brick' wall are of the North side of Interstate 90 -- the North Marginal Road. The South Marginal Road has a 5 foot chain link fence along the highway. This is one day after a dump truck carrying limestone, heading west, hit the pedestrian crossing bridge; also known locally as 'The Catwalk' bridge; which spans over I-90 in Cleveland, Ohio between the E. 185th Street entrance and the E. 156th Street exit ramp. The truck's 'bed' was raised, and slammed into the bridge causing extensive damage to the bridge. This crash lifted the bridge from it's supports - tilting the bridge to a 30 / 45 / to ~55 degree angle. The bed, wheels and all - was hung up on the bridge, as the cab continued westward; coming to a stop an estimated 700 feet from the bridge, where the truck pulled off to the right side of the highway. This information was provided me by a worker from the Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company who arrived at the scene of this accident as one of the first responders. This CEI employee was again, at the crash site today, Sunday, when I came to the South Marginal to take some photos. He also told me that many residents had been without power since 6:00 pm Saturday evening; and as soon as possible, they would place the wires back in place. I was told that Cleveland Public Power had shut down the power in that area, as well as Cleveland Electric Illuminating as each run wires along that stretch of highway in Cleveland. I have a photo of a 'cut' power line. My photos are taken as close as I could get to - from the North as well as the South sides of this freeway. A section of this was had been removed by the workers in order to access the highway from the street. There is a great 'tear' in the bridge where it abuts the 'catwalk'. The catwalk, is the rounded access which allows entrance and exit from this pedestrian bridge. By 5:30 p.m. one/third section of this bridge at the South Marginal Road was removed and lowered to the ground parallel to the chain link fence. On East 185th Street at the 'blocked' entrance to the 'westbound' I-90, I spoke with a workman, possibly an Ohio Department of Transportation. He informed me that the workers would work 'up to 4:00 a.m.' and see where they would be at that time. I had asked him if they had expected the highway to be open for Monday morning traffic. He said they would work up to 4:00. Later this evening, as I was coming home, eastbound on I-90; the Eastbound lane was open. Workmen were working with night-lighting in the Westbound lane. It looked as if the highway would be cleared by morning. As my passenger stated to me, 'it sure looks funny without that bridge there.' Nancy Koncilja Gurish

East 156th St. Exit Sign - Westbound


'Catwalk' on South Marginal Road


Workman South Side Freeway


Worker And Trucks


Yellow Truck - Red Car


Five Workers And Truck From South Waterloo


Lowering First Section