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Thank you.


If you do speaking engagements, or use your voice for your job,

then you can relate to how our mouths can sound pasty when we are talking at length.

Using sea salt, a good sea salt, a teaspoon or two in a glass of water will moisten

your mouth. It will also feed your cells, and help your body and brain

to be nourished right down to the cellular level. This is a great way to hydrate,

for health. Minerals are the true source of health and healing; so whether

you use prescription medicines, or natural medicines - like me; you can supplement

with a good source of trace minerals, real sea salt! .


Hydrate your mind and body. Water alone won't cut it; won't do the trick.
Adding sea salt, Celtic Sea Salt, or Himalayan (Pink) Sea Salt. I use a combination of both.
Using a source of minerals from good sea salt can 'feed' your cells;
body and mind. If you are using pharmaceutical medicine
or natural medicine, you can use a good foundation of
minerals through the use of sea salt. If water is 'going right
through you' then your body is lacking a mineral foundation.

"In addition to providing calories and protein to promote wound healing,
fluid intake is equally important. Achieving hydration needs

and preventing dehydration, a risk factor for pressure ulcer development

due to its effect on blood volume and skin turgor, is vital." ... read more ...
- Mary Ellen Posthauer, RDN, CD, LD, LAND

If your cells have a good mineral source, your body will hold
the hydration in it's cell structure. This, in combination with any
medicine will help the body to heal itself. Drinking water by itself
without complete minerals will not hydrate. Also, single minerals;
or incomplete minerals - do not work.
They need to be taken together in order to work. ~~~Nancy Gurish

On Another Note: I'm re-growing a cracked tooth! Some people call it
remineralizing, I just say, it's fixing itself!

"Your body depends on water to survive. Every cell, tissue,
and organ in your body needs water to work correctly. For example,
your body uses water to maintain its temperature,
remove waste, and lubricate joints.
Water is needed for good health. ... ... read more ...

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