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Hair Color Talk!

Hi everybody!

This is ~~~Nancy!

Hair color is something I do and have done for
a long time! I colored my hair when I was
19! What I did back then was to use a single color
brown, just to level out the color of my hair!

... more below ...

My natural color is medium brown, I was
born with blonde hair, fine and light! My roots
are Slovenian! Both sides of my family!
I've got some of those traditional features.

What I believed when I was 19, was that my
hair was mousey-color or just totally average!

I used hair color to bring my hair to one solid, nice
brown color. I recall that it was Happiness by Clairol
A prepared box color! I liked it a lot!

My Henna Hair Color Demo! ~:)To come!

Image by ~~~Nancy

Me and Al dancing

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Through the years I changed my hair color a lot! and
had a lot of fun with it! Highlights and lowlights!
And you may know eventually I went to school for
cosmetology! I had been cutting my own hair for a long time!

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Peace Buttercups!
And others!

P.S. Nancy's my name hair color! is my game!

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