HP Laptop Gets 'Soused' On Coffee At Starbucks | Needs Dry Out Clinic!

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nancy konciljagurish

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Today is the first day that HP has been back at a Starbucks since that day! I can feel HP trembling; she's jonesing pretty badly for that stuff she downed the last time we were in a Starbucks. She sloshed down an entire cup of hot black coffee, right through her keypad... she didn't care what anyone thought about her, she just went for it! I was completely humiliated! Ashamed to admit she was mine... (I feel a little bit guilty about that; but, it's the truth.) I was ashamed of her.

Immediately after she she drank it (her keyboard soaking wet) I yanked out her battery - my instinct was to try and save her from the harm she had done to herself; even thought it was> self-inflicted. She went blank! --- passed out, right after she consumed all of that coffee. Her screen went blank, and I knew that she'd passed out. All I could do was unplug her power source from the wall and yank out her battery. Oh, HP --- what were you thinking! So, I just went in to damage control mode! Wouldn't you have?

On the ride home she moaned... she was remorseful and I felt bad for her. When we got home I soon Googled to find out how I could help her. I found help from other's who had been through this, it helped to know that we weren't the first. As for HP, all she did was lie there an hiccup, and burp a little. It was a pitiful sight.

Well, off to the hospital for HP. I did some of the work that was suggested, I unscrewed her back (the back of her case) and pulled out her CMOS batter, which allowed her to really get some rest. I layed her on top of a towl and put her off in to a safe place, where she could 'sleep it off.' I chose a nice quiet place in a corner on the carpet in our living room. It was the best that I could do for her. A 'drying out' clinic is all that is suggested for this type of situation. So... Well, HP slept it off for about three days. In those three days she dried out completely. I bought her a new CMOS batter: I didn't know if she really needed it, but I thought, "Anything that may help HP, I would do". I have to be honest; I truly care about HP. HP and I have been through a lot. And, she has been good to me.

On the fourth day I put HP back together, all of her screws were in place, her new CMOS batter, I placed her battery pack back in; and ... plugged her power cord in. And voila! She was pretty darn normal! Still, stunk like that coffee... but, in time, that too would recover. She ran like a top again. I think some of her keys were 'stickly' for a bit, but --- all, in all, she is back to her old self. And here we sit; back in a Starbucks!
I'll tell you what I'm doing though --- call me co-dependent; I'm hiding my cup of coffee from HP today: yes, it is on the seat next to me. I just don't want to tempt her beyond her control. The poor thing, she can smell the coffee and, as I said above, I think she is jonesing a little bit... I suppose that is to be expect. She had gotten hooked on that stuff. She liked the smell, the taste; and, obviously she liked how it made her feel! So, we will give, time-time. I hear that is what it takes. And, possibly one of those 12 step meetings. I hear there are other's like ther. It might help her to know that she isn't alone. Some group support, the fellowship that is there may be just what she needs. As I said, I'll do anything for HP.
[This web page is dedicated to my little HP. We'll pray for her! And the others who have similar difficulties!]

~~~Nancy Koncilja Gurish

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