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Henna Hair Color Demonstration - A Natural Hair Color Product

In the past months I have been using a Henna product, for hair color. My hair has shown to have the best texture, and feels so healthy since using this 'vegetable dye' called Henna. As a cosmetologist, I learned about Henna, a natural hair color, in the years between 2002 and 2003 while I was in school for cosmetology. However, only several months ago did I first use this product.

It was at a Whole Food Market, that I picked up my first jar of Henna. I chose a Light Golden Brown color and, when reading the directions, I found that I could 'color' this product naturally, using tea bags or coffee. That was thrilling to discover. On my first application I chose to use two types of tea as 'additive' colors, a Ginger, and a Red Clover. My results were spectacular.

On this page is the video I made, detailing my use and my method of coloring my hair with the product called Henna. I hope you'll enjoy the videos I've made on this product, three in total. One is the process, two is the results and three is the blow dry and styling of my new 'Henna Hair.' I am truly sold on this product and have use it three times since making this video.

Sincerely, Your Editor, Nancy Koncilja Gurish

I hope you enjoy my video! Nancy