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Hi everybody!

This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!

Hair is my thing!

In my teen years I had an interst in hair!
There were no cosmetologists or beauticians
as we called them in my world growing up!
As a child of depression-aged parents, there were
certainly experiences in life that wouldn't be for me
until I got older. One of those was a trip to a beauty shop!

... continue below ...

... continue ...

So I cut my hair myself! This was a valuable experience
for me! I wouldn't trade that childhood that I had

for anything!

It was a wonderful world when I was growing up!
Until around the age of 13~
But that is another story! Another day!

This section of my magazine is devoted to hair!

All things hair, hair, hair!

There will be a video below for you!
As usual an article also and a product for you to see!

Peace *Buttercups!

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Biotin For Hair! See this here or on YouTube!

An article for you!

An article!

Apple Cidar Vinegar: "It can be applied as a pre-shampoo treatment to help break up product residue and also as a post-shampoo rinse for added shine."
See more at: 15 Flawless Tips for Maintaining ...

Oooo - this looks good! ~~~Nancy

Natural First Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Finishing Rinse W/Black Tea! For Shedding / Hair Loss!

Remember! I'm an Affiliate for Amazon, so I'd receive a small
commission for products purchased through my site! Thank you!
This helps me to keep writing and making YouTube videos! ~~~Nancy