My Next Fifty Years

Facebook Is Not A Real Existence - Spending Time With People, Face-to-Face!

God Bless you, Gina, Amanda and Michele! Please keep them in your prayers!

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My Next Fifty Years - I Want To Be Present For Family And Friends - In Person!

Nancy Koncilja Gurish, Editor

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For the 'next fifty years' where do I want to spend my time? What do I want to focus my attention on? Do I want to spend the precious time that I have left, focusing on the lives of people who are put in the news - the people and situations that the media wants to bring my attention? Life is pretty short... I've let go of Facebook, I've made the decision to spend time with people 'face-to-face'. Will people eventually lose interest in seeing each other face-to-face? This has made me think. Facebook is a false existence. There is no interchange among people - there are no 'conversations' on Facebook or email. I'd like to make the decision of where my time and emotions are invested: I don't want to leave that decision to the media. Our time is too precious to waste. Limiting and choosing the types of conversations to important topics, is one thing I am doing, in order to use the time I have, in a more valuable way. Prayer is bringing me to a place of deeper understanding. Today I am grateful to be willing to make changes in order to spend more time, fully present in the moment. And I'm spending some quality time in prayer. Nancy Koncilja Gurish Your Health And Tech Friend

"...putting personal pictures on any websites is a bad habit...

Especially since the very same people who post pictures will be screaming "privacy violation" when we put camera on the street for preventing crime... One thing you need to know... at the moment you click on "upload the picture", that pic is no more your... You could remove it from your album but the fact is the pic is still there... by removing it from your album, you just removed the link between your album and the picture... Meaning the picture is on the internet but you have no idea where it is...
And also facebook is loosing its soul... It use to be for people to stay connected with friends and families.. until the money came into play... Seeing irrelevant status update from people thinking their life is a movie, like suggestions... At the end I feel like my news feed is full with spams... I myself am considering quitting facebook very soon. You know who likes you when they get in touch with you in real life and not over the internet, who don't need a birthday reminder to whish you a happy bday and actualy CALL you for your birthday... all those facebook thing is just like every other social media we had in the past... virtual, at the end it doesn't bring people together but instead isolating them behind a screen..." Quote from Joaquim l'Antonio

Yes, Facebook is entitled to be paid for promoting us and our interests -- but this wasn't the deal going in,

particularly not for companies who paid Facebook for extra followers in the first place. Neither should users who "friend" my page automatically become the passive conduits for any of my messages to all their friends just because I paid for it.

That brings me to Facebook's most recent shift, and the one that pushed me over the edge.

douglas rushkoff

Through a new variation of the Sponsored Stories feature called Related Posts, users who "like" something can be unwittingly associated with pretty much anything an advertiser pays for. Like e-mail spam with a spoofed identity, the Related Post shows up in a newsfeed right under the user's name and picture. If you like me, you can be shown implicitly recommending me or something I like -- something you've never heard of -- to others without your consent.

For now, as long as I don't like anything myself, I have some measure of control over what those who follow me receive in my name or, worse, are made to appear to be endorsing, themselves. But I feel that control slipping away, and cannot remain part of a system where liking me or my work can be used against you.

The promotional leverage that Facebook affords me is not worth the price. Besides, how can I ask you to like me, when I myself must refuse to like you or anything else?

I have always appreciated that agreeing to become publicly linked to me and my work online involves trust. It is a trust I value, but -- as it is dependent on the good graces of Facebook -- it is a trust I can live up to only by unfriending this particularly anti-social social network.

Maybe in doing so I'll help people remember that Facebook is not the Internet. It's just one website, and it comes with a price.