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Hi everybody!
This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!
Hi Buttercups! Today I got a great deal
on an item that I bought through Ebay!

When I speak on YouTube about the supplements
and other items that I use, most of the time
I can refer to an item that I buy through Amazon.

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Amazon has great prices, and with Amazon Prime
many times I get free shipping. That is very
important to me.

This morning I was going to look to see
what I could find in the way of linen, sheets
and pillow cases for my family!

I looked at a couple of shopping sites, but I
felt that I could find a better price if I looked!
That is what brought me to Ebay!

It's a long story but instead of sheets what I ended
up buying was a Memory Foam Bed Topper for my
husband's bed. We have separate rooms,
which is another long story!

We had a house guest in our home for several months
and after that person moved out, my husband and I
landed up each in a different bedroom in the house.
And on different floors of the house!

So, he needed a bed topper, because I already had one!

I found a great bargain! It was a brand new
item, selling at a very affordable price!
See my selected items below on this page!

So when I find a good buy on an item on Ebay, I
will share it with you here!

Peace Buttercups!

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PS. If they sell out of an item that I refer
you to, there may be other ones available!
I can't guarantee the items or the availability!

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