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My only formal credential is that of a Licensed Managing Cosmetologist. I hold an active license in the State of Ohio. But in my background I had a pretty extensive interest in biology, and anatomy and physiology; just through reading.
However I am able to understand how some things work, in the body; and in time, I came to understand somewhat about the role of minerals, nutrition and vitamins with regard to health and allowing the body to heal on it's own. I don't know exactly why - or how this all happened, but along with health I have a great need and desire to grow spiritually, and I have been throughout this past year particularly.

From that growth has stemmed a deeper understanding of the current medical 'happenings' in our United States of America. I truly believe that I see 'the folly' in medicine. "Medicine" being the key word here; not healing, but medicine (drug therapy) and today, in my mind; I have come to see no difference between a street drug and a pharmaceutical drug. A drug is a drug - if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck; it probably is a duck, and that is the stance that I take today.

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Cancer has taken many, many friends of mine through the years.

So I have actually spent a good deal of time in the study of, what cancer is; and how the different treatments work - or rather, don't work. I've seen how many people really die of the 'cure.' I've read of what 'success' means to the medical / oncology world; it actually means 'living' - or, excuse me, 'existing for about 5 years

. That is what is considered a successful cancer cure page two ...

"A Saturday noon rosary has been in my life for about a half of a year; another rosary, on Wednesdays, was added about 3 months ago. This past two weeks I've said a rosary each morning. My life changed in a drastic way since I've had the rosary in my life. On a daily basis, the practice of the rosary has brought a deep peace to me.

If you see other pages in this magazine - I talk about my life, the emotional disorder(s) that I live with; as well as the alcoholism and food addiction I have lived with. That being said, I can tell you the rosary has brought more peace to me..."

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