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Hi everybody!
This is ~~~Nancy!
Since I've been working online and in front
of a computer screen, I have had to learn
about some smart wear for my protection!

Using a computer can come with some health
challenges! Today there are better choices even
when it comes to selecting a pair of ear buds!

They make an ergonomic ear bud which is tilted.
This design allows for the ear pieces to sit inside
of the ear canal, without being as intrusive.

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I need to buy the best equipment for myself
and my family, and as with supplements
when I find something that works well,
I share it with you here as well as
by way of video and audio podcasts!

Protection for your eyes is a consideration as well!

There are eye glasses today which are made
especially for the computer screen! These offer
EMF, blue light and UV light emission protection!

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Protection from EMF and UV rays is important!
Using a computer for extented periods of time
can take a toll on our eye health!

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