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Please watch my video (below) for instructions on what to do if your blow dryer won't start!
It seems to be the most common difficulty with not being able to start the blow dryer!
Hope it helps, Nancy Gurish

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Hi! Check the blow dryers' 'ground trip switch' - check the wall outlet's 'trip switch' - and, if plugged into an extension power cord: check it's 'trip switch'. If it still doesn't start, make certain the plug is


plugged in!
It might just be loose. Hope this helps!
And, I didn't know this, but my blow dryer was left in the on position -

in the weeks after this video, I left the dryer switch 'on' and the wall outlet switch was 'tripped off' - and, the dryer went dead! I went to use it and it didn't go on: the switch was off the whole time, and the blow dryer was turned on. So, make certain when you walk away from your blow dryer that it is

definately turned off!

Hope this helps! Nancy Koncilja Gurish

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