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Hi everybody!
This is ~~~Nancy!

There are other black salves out there on the market!

Only the real black salve works on cancer cells for the skin!

There are specific ingredients that need to be in the mix!
Below on this page is a partial listing of what should be contained in a Cansema black-salve product.

Please note! I'll post a podcast for this topic here shortly!

I have six years of experience in using the product called Black Salve!
The brand that I have used is known by the name of Indian Herb!

Black salve is a blend of several Indian herbs; it also should contain DMSO and Zinc Chloride!

It is important to buy and use the real blend, originally it was known as Cansema.

At this time I do not have a supplier to recommend for you.

The supplier that I'd used in the past has been closed down.

When I learn to make it, I will make a video to show you how!
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On another note!

I share about subjects where I feel I have experience - where I feel that I have success and even mastery! Arthritis happens to be one of those areas for me! Another topic for me would be Cracked Teeth and Cavities! ~:>

In the days going forward I will post more about arthritis, how I have handled mine and what has made a difference for me!

I'll give you one hint, colloidal silver ~: should be your friend! It certainly takes care of the inflammatory trouble of arthritis!

However, there is more to it and I'll bring you more soon!

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