bishop gregorij rosman's remains return to slovenia

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Bishop Gregorij Rosman's Remains Return To Slovenia

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Beloved Bishop Gregorij Rosman's Remains Return Home To Slovenia

With much gratitude I can say that I was present at the funeral
Mass of the very beloved Bishop Gregorij Rosman on April 3rd this year, 2013
in Lamont, Illinois. As a member of St. Mary's Church in Collinwood (Cleveland, OH)
I became aware of a bus trip scheduled to go to Lamont. My, now deceased, maternal grandmother, Mrs. Frances (Zagar)
Raischel had taken many trips to Lamont Illinois in the years that I was growing up.
Out of curiosity, I signed up for this trip with the intention of finding out
what it was that attracted my grandmother and 'called' her to go each year
to this city. I had no idea of what I was in for.

The bus ride to Illinois was a delight. I'd looked to the internet
before leaving for the trip to find out some details
of this man, Bishop Rosman: but, little did I know there was much more
to the bishop than I would find written on the internet.

wooden casket with flower arrangement on top bishop rosmans funeral mass

This is a picture that I took at the funeral mass for
Bishop Rosman. What a beautiful mass it was! There was a large floral arrangement
from the people of the churches of Cleveland, Ohio. In attendance from
Cleveland were parishoners of St. Mary's (Collinwood), and St. Vitus Churches
(including the parishoners from the former St. Lawrence.) Approximately 55
Catholic's from the Cleveland Churches were in attendance. The singing was wonderful,
this mass was one of the most emotionally charged services I've experienced.
Much love and thankfulness was shown for the life and works of Bishop Rosman.

At the bottom of this page is a well written story of Bishop Rosman.
What I may add with regard to this article, is that the facts in that article
were described in detail to me, by the people I met and spoke with on my weekend
in Lamont. As the article states, the people attending this funeral, were the children
of the generation of refugees who left Slovenia in the aftermath of World War II.
The article states that "Documents have

been uncovered showing that Bishop Rosman
worked to rescue thousands of people from death or imprisonment

at the hands
of the occupiers." And that is exactly what was told to me by the lovely people I met.
I will be forever grateful for the time, and tears (tears were shed), in the
retelling of the horror suffered by the families of these 'children of the
refugees.' Tears came into the eyes of one very gentle man, Stanley,
who told me what had happened to his parents, sisters and brothers at the hands
of the occupiers of Yugoslavia. I am so humbled at the realization of all of this.
And I am sad that I never 'listened', if this was told to me by my grandmother.
Did she never tell me, or - did I just, not listen? Not hear?

My Slovenian heritage is something I take great pride in. But I know now that, being Slovenian holds a responsibility. Now that I am aware of what took place: what happened to the people of Slovenia, it is up to me to make sure that we never forget. I've made a beginning. On my return to home, I was able to tell my family what I experienced and more importantly, I was able to explain something more about Bishop Rosman than when I had left on my trip. Today my daughter, my husband and I know. We And we will pass this knowledge on.
As for my why my grandmother went to Lamont so many times; Bishop Rosman's grave in the cemetery... as well as the beautiful church; the Blessed Anton Martin Slomsek Slovenian Catholic Mission. My grandmother prayed many rosaries to the Blessed Mother Mary.

blessed mother mary over alter

In this Church are some of the most beautiful statues and paintings of the Blessed Mother. And there is a banner, written in Slovenian, which said the words my grandmother spoke so frequently, "Mary Pray For Us." I felt so close to her inside of this church. What a beautiful place to be. I'll go back, as my grandmother did.

Thank you Bishop Rosman, for everything you did, and everything you stood for.

Thank you grandma, for showing me by your example, what was so important.
Love, Nancy
P.S. I took many photographs, I hope that you enjoy the images I've posted on this page.

retired Auxiliary Bishop Anthony Pevec of Cleveland

(Bishop Pevec - center - walking up the steps to the church.) "Bishop Pevec, who was the main celebrant at the Mass in Lemont, said

'Bishop Rosman was always unassuming and never spoke bitterly of his exile.'"

"He never felt sorry for himself," Bishop Pevec said. "He just ministered to his people where they were."

[The picture above is one that I took on the church steps as we entered for the funeral service. There was beautiful weather for this occasion. Nancy]

Beloved bishop's remains go home to Slovenia

By Michelle Martin

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