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Artery Health Repair & Regenerate

Hi everybody!
This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!
All tissues in the body repair over time.
Different parts of the body repair at differing
rates of speed.
I've spoken about how one of the long
standing cavities in my mouth that has been healing. ~`

The repair was taking place because I was
taking supplements to repair another of my
teeth that had cracked! ~` It has been growing in nicely!

Almost all tissues in the body can regenerate over time!

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Broken or torn tissues will cause the body to
respond by sending cholesterol to do a repair job
on the torn tissue! It is the bodies' natural response.
Dr. John Bergman resfers to this as the body's intelligent
response. ~`

Certain supplements will allow the bodies' connective
tissue to repair, and in this way we stay healthy!

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