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Appliances and Hardware are in my blood Buttercups!

Hi everybody!

This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!

Appliances And Hardware!!!

Hardware and appliances are in my blood Buttercups!

My almost first job was in a hardware store!

it wasn't your ordinary hardware store, it was a
specialty store, and a commercial hardware store!

*Pekoc Hardware Company!

My job one of them was typing hardware specification
sheets for the architectural hardware-men! There were


of numbers on those sheets Buttercups!

I typed lists of all of the hardware that would go
in to building an entire home, and one job was for building
an entire mall! Panzica Construction
was one of the builders
for these projects! As for my typing, I once received a

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... center ...

compliment from one of the builders, for my accuracy in
typing numbers! Whoa - that was a job! The numbers were
measurements and dimensions: i.e., 1/8" screw, 1/2" knob, etc.

There were doors, windows, cupboard openings, door frames; and
all of the hardware entailed in this!

One of my ambitions at that time was to go into the field
as an Architectural Hardware Salesperson. It didn't happen!

I had a lot of fun on that job! It will make for many videos
at my YouTube Channel! Peace Buttercups!

P.S. Later in life I worked in the Appliance Department at
one of the big box stores! Had a lot of fun there
too, and I learned a lot about appliances!
Here is a page on the refrigerator I would choose today!
~(to the Refrigerator)

Christopher Pekoc is a son/grandson of the Pekoc Hardware Co founders!
"Christopher Pekoc's latest exhibitions reveal the rewards of an artist who continues to challenge himself in new and increasingly difficult ways. ..." ... read more ...
Christopher is a long established Cleveland, Ohio artist!

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