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Nancy K Gurish Potassium helps us with maintaining a healthy weight; it helps to establish a healthy blood pressure and assists with muscle tone!

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Potassium has become a close friend of mine, in that I make certain to take some in supplement form each and every day, along with magnesium! see my video below

Potassium is essential for the heart, kidneys, muscles, nerves and digestive system to operate smoothly!

This mineral also aids in maintaining a healthy immune system, by keeping the body's acid-alkaline (pH balance) in the right place! Potassium offers help in regulating the body fluids, which controls blood pressure. ~`Minerals Section

A potassium deficiency is considered rare, (see my thoughts below about that), however - I feel comfortable in taking a good source of it in supplement form. But which type or form is best?

Food Sources Of Potassium?

Bananas, have potassium, however they are high in sugar! Fruits and juices: prune juice, raisins, tomato juice and tomatos have some potassium. I make an effort not to eat bananas because of the sugar, and I don't drink many fruit juices either; so how else can I get some into my diet? ~`Food And Beverage

Spinach, broccli, kale, collard greens are wonderful sources of the daily minerals we need. But I still don't use enough of these.

Do We Get Enough?

They say that a deficiency in potassium is rare; however I take a difference to that. From what I see and what I have learned, much of the puffiness in extra weight may be caused because of a lack of enough potassium in foods, and in the diet!

We need to take in approximately 7 cups of healthy green vegetables each and every day; and I for one don't get that!

The greens are the best source of potassium, but it takes some effort to achieve enough of them each and every day!

What type of potassium

I find that a mixed mineral supplement is the best way to take in additional potassium. If I am taking in the whole spectrum of minerals than I can be certain that it is the right strength and balance of minerals. The cruciferous vegetables have the minerals that we need for our health and those minerals are available in a tablet or capsule form!

Another supplement that I take is a magnesium / potassium combo. I will put a link just below, to the one that I take.

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Please note: This is not health advice. I'm a Cosmetologist and I am interested in ways to stay healthy through natural means! And then I share my experience with you! ~`My Disclaimer Page

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