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Hi there!
This is ~~~Nancy, from YouTube!

Nancy K Gurish

This section of my magazine is all about!
computers and their technology!

Laptops and desktops have been my world since 2006!
I have taken them apart, inside and out!

There were no computers when I was growing up!
But whatever the reason I learned about
them very quickly!

I will pass my information on to you
through YouTube videos and articles!

At my Your Health And Tech Friend 'Techno' Channel!

This video below is about my EVO SoundBlaster Head Phones!

... more below ...💗💗☁️☁️

See the video here or at my
Techn Video Channel! ~`

I really enjoy these headphones! The sound is great!

Whenever I find good equipment, I will pass it

on to you! ~~~Nancy

My Buttercup Community! ⁣☁️☁️☁️

~~~Nancy Gurish
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EVO SoundBlaster Headphones

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"I understand the hardware and
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Basically, I'm a nerd!

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