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Hi everyone!

This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!
This section is devoted to everything 'Computer and Technology'!
Computers have been my world since 2006!

I didn't grow up with computers in my world - but I
took to a computer very fast!

See one of my technology videos (below) or on YouTube about my interests!

It is a fascinating journey that I'm on!

Peace Buttercups!
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This video is from my Your Health And Tech Friend 'Techno' Channel!

This video is about my EVO SoundBlaster Head Phones!
Here is a link to the one I use! They're great!

There was a learning curve - They are great headphones and microphone!

(Note please: I'm an Amazon Affiliate - so I get commission! Thank you!)

Whenever I find good equipment - I'll let you know! ~~~Nancy