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Hi there!
This is ~~~Nancy!

Nancy K Gurish

This section of my magazine is all about!
computers and their technology!

Laptops and desktops have been my world since 2006!
I have taken them apart, inside and out!

There were no computers when I was growing up!
But whatever the reason I learned about
them very quickly!

I will pass my information on to you
through YouTube videos and articles!

There is a video below to see!

... more below ...

I have videos that will be posted shortly!

I really enjoy these headphones! The sound is great!

Below is my Vitamin C video! It's the best stuff!

Whenever I find good equipment, I will pass it
on to you! ~~~Nancy

~~~Nancy Gurish
Your Health And Tech Friend Magazine

EVO SoundBlaster Headphones
A Good Vitamin C

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Basically, I'm a nerd!