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Hi there!
This is ~~~Nancy!
Nancy K Gurish

For almost a month now I have been studying the Bible, and I've developed a process, a system! It's a large endeavor!

Salvation History

Learning to study the bible, for me, entailed developing an entire system! I've had some practice in that, I've developed this website magazine, I've got departments, sections, indexes and pages that are well categorized.

For my bible study I've used a similar system. I'm using very large 3 ring binders and loades of scrap paper! I write on the backside of any junk mail that I get, or old school paper work, I save these papers so that I'll have a lot to work with. And I use some new copy paper sheets too!

Volumes of Work!

In just a short month I am currently working in 4 three-ring binders! They are labelled A, B, C and D. A is titled Bible Deep Dive! B is the continued Deep Dive. Binder C is devoted to the Blessed Mother Mary. And D, is a the Bible Deep Dive further explored!

It Helps me Sleep!

A complete and totally unexpected surprise has come to me in this Bible study! I found, from day one, that I was sleeping - soundly through the night! I wrote about that on one of my website pages! You can read about that, here!

I Was So Ignornant!

In just this past short month, I've found out some big truths. People, including myself, are very ignorant about salvation history, and about things that they say are in the Bible! And, as a Catholic I've found how very, very wrong I have been about the church, it's doctrines, teachings, etc. I've found that, most of the people that I know, know very little!

People, including me, are so - very ignorant! You can't know, what you don't know!
For me, I say the rosary - and I have made some progress in saying these prayers on a daily basis. ~`The Seven Sorrows Rosary

The Video

It is Normal To Struggle! `~

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On another note!
Intermitant fasting, not eating in between meals can be one first healthy step in healing from any condition. ~`to this page

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