My Ear Lobes And Arteries!

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Keep My Arteries Clean!

And my ear lobes don't crease! ~~~Nancy
My Ear Lobe Crease!

Hi! This is ~~~Nancy from YouTube!

The creases in my ear lobes are
signs for me about the plaque on
my arteries! This is my understanding
If I keep my HDL good - and my
triglycerides, then - my arteries
stay clean (apple pectin!) and I don't get an
ear lobe crease! They can go away too!
Peace Buttercups!
See my video (below) or on my YouTube Channel!

Sources for products I speak about:
These are brands (and supplements) that I use and trust!

Apple Pectin!
Vitamin C
Omega 3, 6, 9

P.S. I'll keep talking more about these supplements
at my YouTube channel! ~~~Nancy

Remember! I'm an Amazon Affiliate - so any products purchased
through my web page will bring me a commission! Which helps
me to stay on YouTube! So, thank you if you purchase the
products that I speak about! I like them! ~~~Nancy

Can your ear lobes predict a heart attack?